Emmanuel PIAT


Emmanuel PIAT is President of the Maison PIAT. He is specialized in the search and cut of natural colored and non-treated gemstones. Its expertises spans three generations.

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How did your story begin?

Third generation gem cutters. It was only natural I took over my father’s company in 1998.

What were the highlights?

The first big step was the visit of the Mogok mine in Burma when it opened to foreigners in 1998.

2010 : opening and development of workshops in France and Thailand. Today, Maison Piat supplies almost all the great international jewelry brands.

What are your beliefs in relation to your project?

The need to push sustainable development and technological innovation in colored gemstones industry.

What is your project and what value does it bring to your community?

Convince the actors of the industry of the benefits of sustainable and technological developments


Could you explain your goal with Le Campus?

Raising awareness to ensure a successful project.

What message do you want to share with the leaders who will listen to you via Le Campus?

I’d like to spark hope in order to overcome difficulties in this complex and necessary transition.

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