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Niall Bickersteth is General Director of Atribord & Associés

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“Broaden horizons, stimulate discussions and exchange.”

How did your story begin?

It all began in September 1986. Freshly out of Oxford with a first job in one of the largest high schools in England. Teaching Geography might give you a sense of direction, but experience has shown it means you can do just about anything. It just depends who you meet and where you want to go. As it turned out I met this young French woman.

When you teach, you are endlessly questioning your approach and adapting it to the ability and needs of your students. It is an ideal basis which can be applied way beyond the classroom - right across professions, countries, languages and cultures. People enjoy improving themselves, and then they tell their friends about it.

What were the highlights?

In 1989 I took up the challenge of selling. From scratch, with a phone, in an office and with a listing from the local Chamer of Commerce. All in ropey French, as by this time I had followed that woman across the channel. Discovering entrepreneurial skills, building a client base, recruiting a team and being a success. Good teaching is good business.

Ten years later the time was right to repeat the experience, but this time with my own company. Personalised, adapted, skills based solutions for directors and decision makers which help them along their own route to success.


What is your vision of the world that motivates you today?

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona has a room dedicated to the nine canvases he painted in a ten day period in September 1957 - 'The Pigeons'. At the time he was working on an obsessive study of 'Las Meninas' - grey and fastidious. For some reason he interrupted this to paint what he could see from the open window of his studio in Cannes. It is an exuberant explosion of colour. The light, the doves, the sea and vegetation shine and dazzle.

In our own small way we aim to generate an impact similar to walking into that room with 'The Pigeons'. To aligne with the project in hand and transform everyday reality with a blast of Mediterranean light.


What is your dream?

Everything we do is on a human scale and aims at improving the individual -  broadening their knowledge, deepening their understanding. And having a good time. It is too easy to forget that the principal business of this life is to enjoy it.


Can you explain what is your objectiv with Le Campus?

For a few years I was lucky enough to lecture at a Business School. I did International Strategy for second year students at the ESC de Bourgogne in Dijon. It was an enriching experience with a very diverse and dynamic group of students. Le Campus reminds me of this mix and energy - with greater experience as a plus. Broaden horizons, stimulate discussions and exchange.


What message do you want to share to the managers that will listen to you on Le Campus?

Situational intelligence is the ability to adapt and provide the right solution at a specific moment in time. It is the ultimate teaching goal, providing a personalised approach and content that make a positive impact for you, when you are standing front and centre.

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