How to build a Data Center in Africa

What are the key parameters for a successful project?

How to manage the preliminary stages (financing, ground, ...)?

What are the key points of a tender?


Keynote speaker

Olivier Labbe


CAP DC is building Data Centers. Its main markets are Europe and Africa


"Africa, new ground for the data center"

With the digital revolution, data centers are covering the entire planet in a market that is bringing with it a more and more professional outlook on the spread of these critical infrastructures.

Africa, new ground for the data center

In 2017, there were up to 8.6 million data centers worldwide, for 1.9 billion m2s.  These data centers involve very specific skills to ensure uninterrupted operation.  In fact, the average cost of a breakdown is more than $700,000. 

The northern regions have naturally been favored as infrastructures which generate a lot of heat require a great deal of cooling power.  Today, the African content is equipped with its strengths (market growth) and its weaknesses (technical maturity, climate…).


Project preparation

In thinking about installing a data center in Africa, four structuring parameters must be taken into account in order to define the project

  • Sizing (dimensions and electrical density)

  • Scalability/Phasing

  • Level of availability

  • Energy performance

Once the project is defined, four other choices must be made in order to move forward

  • The choice of land

  • Financing

  • The contractual investment model

  • The certification strategy


Get started!

Using examples drawn from early African data center construction, this Webinar aims to identify the main approaches for constructing these facilities. 

Specialized engineering will often be indispensable in guaranteeing the planning, the cost and the quality of investment in a data center.

Olivier Labbe

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