How to implement your strategy successfully across remote teams?


Key Points

What is the definition of distance in remote collaboration 

Discover a 3-step process to improve collaboration

Learn about success stories of Asian and International teams that have learnt to overcome obstacles and improve collaboration



Delphine Desaulles

Management Consultant and Team Coach

Sol Consulting, Singapore

Aude Beneton

Supporting people in their leadership development & career transition, as well as teams in their performance development

Harmony & Mobility Consulting, Singapore

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Thursday, Apr 25,

5:30 PM - 6:15 PM Singapore

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM CET


“Leaders today are evolving in a very challenging environment with rapide product cycles”

What is the purpose of this conference?

Collaboration is about connecting people so that they don't miss critical facts & figures.  Collaboration is compulsory to maximise performance and minimise failure.

What is the link with your personal history?

In our careers as leaders and consultants, we have seen for ourselves the impact of virtual collaboration. We have reinforced the belief that good collaboration can help release blockages and allows leaders to implement their vision.

What are your goals?

  1. To share with our audience an efficient 3-step process to improve collaboration

  2. To give concrete tips for all teams to reach an organised and disciplined collaboration

  3. To share success stories of companies in Asia that have managed to overcome obstacles and improve teams performance.

Do you have any observations?

Leaders today are evolving in a very challenging environment with rapide product cycles, international competition and widespread teams. They need to surround themselves with trusted and efficient remote teams. The challenges are huge: dealing with different cultures, different types of leadership, underlying or open conflicts and sometimes lack of process.

What do you think the challenge is to best respond to this issue?

How to best structure this team environment and to transform, what appear to be obstacles, into one big weapon to perform

Your conclusion

Why wait to get your team aligned and structured to win the battle?