The New Frontier of Jeans

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Pierre-Henry Servajean

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The Performance Jean Market: What’s Missing?


Denim jeans have been a staple in the global clothing market since 1873 when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis first introduced their prototype “jean,” or pants made from dungaree cloth.  Since then, breakthrough innovation in the jean industry has been gradual to say the least.  With the market being flooded by the mass production of jeans being sold by stores like Zara and H&M, the price and value of jeans has slowly decreased.  This also poses a problem for one of the most fervent and consistent consumers of jeans: the two-wheel motor vehicle driver, or more specifically, bikers.  In 75% of all accidents involving two wheels, riders’ lower extremities end up suffering from abrasion or laceration.  Why is this happening?  In addition to several other factors, one main cause of these lacerations is insufficient protection for the lower extremities because 70% of bikers prefer to wear regular jeans rather than Kevlar-lined ones.  Among the 70% of those bikers, many say that riding jeans are too hot and too heavy, and they would prefer to wear a single, breathable layer.  How can we combine performance and comfort in order to ensure biker safety?  Enter, Armalith, the latest in breakthrough jean technology specifically designed for the biker lifestyle.  Armalith is leading the way in high-performance denim as the new frontier of jeans.


Top-of-the-line Technology

So, what is Armalith?  It’s a denim fabric that is explicitly manufactured for high-performance jeans.  It’s real denim that you can put in the washer just like other denims, but it can also withstand cuts, burns, abrasion, tear and snags.  It is a lightweight, single-layer fabric capable of stretching just like a daily-wear jean with the feeling of cotton next to the skin.  This made possible because of its unique, multi-material construction.  Both the warp and weft yarns made in weaving are made of an Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) core with a comfortable cotton covering.  The weft yarn in particular features Lycra + T400 that provides to the stretchable comfort of the jean by an advanced cold finishing process.  Finally, Armalith’s outstanding quality is also outstandingly beautiful with eight layers of genuine indigo pigment, and many different shades which reveal over time.  What more is that the entire product is crafted locally in Europe.  This stylish and innovated technology is designed in France and produced by Royotec in Valencia, Spain, where low-heat and low water consumption manufacturing practices are used in order to ensure a small ecological footprint.


Leading the Market in Quality and Comfort

Armalith not only withstands extreme abrasion, but it also stands up to its competitors.  Compared to other technological fabrics like Kevlar, Armalith consistently outperforms all other brands on abrasion tests.  For comparison, regular jeans tend to withstand up to 2 meters’ worth of abrasion and Kevlar can withstand up to 12 meters’ worth of abrasion.  Even Armalith’s lowest durability jean, the Armalith A, outperforms by withstanding up to 20 meters’ worth of abrasion.  And just in case you were wondering, Armalith’s highest durability jean, the Armalith AAA, can withstand up to an industry-leading 54 meters’ worth of abrasion.  Not only is Armalith number one in abrasion resistance, but it is also durable in the face of everyday wear and tear.  Armalith jeans have a lifespan of over 1,000 washes, unlike Kevlar which loses up to 25% of its tensile strength after just two days of washing and sun exposure.  The quality and durability of Armalith is so high that it is even trusted and used by Harley Davidson, one of the world’s biggest motorcycle retailers.


What are the next steps?

Are you interested in becoming part of the Armalith movement that is pioneering high performance jean technology?  If so, you are invited to visit the Armalith website where you can join a community of professional users of Armalith and request free samples of the fabric.  Your brand can choose from any of our six styles, that range in performance and stretch level from everyday wear to the highest durability in order to meet the needs of all of your clients.  You can also choose from any of our denim shades, or you can create your very own to express your brand’s unique image.  No matter what your needs are, Armalith is sure to meet them.  With Armalith, the new frontier of jeans, you can trust that you and your clients will stay comfortable and protected.